Loyalty, Referral and Affiliate Marketing

Our Loyalty, Referral and Affiliate Program allows customers to earn rewards (points or cash) when they buy, sell or refer new customers to our website. It includes 3 marketing programs: The loyalty Program, Referral Program, and Affiliate Program.


How does it work?

1.- Loyalty program – buy to get the reward

2.- Referral program (or sometimes called sponsorship program) – refer friends to get the reward

3.- Affiliate program – help us to sell to get the reward


What can I do with my rewards?

With the rewards earned, you can use it to:

- Pay for orders

- Convert into voucher code

- In Affiliate Program, you can withdraw your rewards to your bank account (or other payment methods such as PayPal or Alipay) The maximum amount of reward balance that you can withdraw each time is 200 euros (around 222 USD or 1549.8 yuan). You will need to wait until the last pending withdrawal request to be processed to submit a new one.


1.- Loyalty Program

This program allows you to earn rewards when you buy products sold on our site. When you make the purchase, 2.5% of the prices of the products (freight not included) will be converted into a discount for the next orders. For discounted products, we also give a reward.

The loyalty rewards could not be withdrawn in cash.

When the order status is ¨canceled¨, ¨payment error¨ or ¨refunded¨, the corresponding rewards previously received for this order will be deducted.

The reward will be expired if not used within 60 days since you get it.


2.- Referral (Sponsorship) program

When you refer our website and products to your friends, you turn into a sponsor. We will give you 1% of the product price as a reward to you when your friends make the first order on our website. 


Sponsors can approach their friends by sharing sponsor URL via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Youku, Bilibili, Linked In, etc.

The maximum number of a friend can be sponsored is 20. 

You can invite your friends via email too.

We only give reward to sponsor when their friend completes the first order.

When the order status of your friend is ¨canceled¨, ¨payment error¨ or ¨refunded¨, the corresponding referral rewards previously given to the sponsor of this order will be canceled.

The reward will be expired if not used within 60 days since you get it.


3.- Affiliate Program

This program helps you to turn into one of our indirect sellers and get a share of the revenue when you successfully help us to sell a product on our website. 

Being an affiliate, when you refer a customer to a specific product, if he/she also buys other affiliate products after viewing a directly referred product, you will receive rewards too.

When we successfully sell an affiliate product, you will receive 1% of the product price as a reward. 

No minimum order total is required to join an affiliate program, however, this program is not public for all customers. If you are interested, send us a request with additional information about you. Our team will review your request to decide if you are eligible to participate in the program.